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Learning and Memory
Dr. Bill, a.k.a. “Memory Medic,” has the right prescription for:

  • students who want better grades
  • workers who need to improve their job knowledge
  • senior citizens who are losing memory capability
  • anybody who wants to look smart, feel smart, be smart

Memory Blog

Learn about new discoveries in memory research that have practical application 

Over 185 research-based posts

Memory posts here and at Psychology Today now number nearly a million reader views

Education Books (see author link)

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Multiple School Science Curricula I had the lead in creating (see Co-PI on NSF and NIH education grants of over $8 million.


Adapting Research Papers for Science Teaching

Follow this link for adapted papers and instruction guide to teach students critical

and creative thinking through simulated post-publication peer review.


Middle School Life-science Curriculum


Middle school Integrated Curriculum (science, social studies, math, language arts)


High School Agriculture Curriculum (using animal perspectives to teach state-standard life science)

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Klemm Cards. New system for teaching, study, and self-test  — with ONE Virtual Flash-Card

See example based on overview of how to improve memory. Click here for paper that explains and shows “how to.”horizontal line

Slide show on teaching Pitfalls and Best Practices with PowerPoint 

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