My news page.

For those who want to follow my activities, I will periodically post news here.


  1. My new book, Triune Brain, Triune Mind, Triune Worldview, is guiding me to write an article to help counselors use neuroscience and mental health in religious counseling. I am also working on an article for nurses dealing with critically ill patients.
  2. I have a book in press dealing with all the overwhelming amount of untruthfulness in our society. It deals with lying, cheating, deception, denial, pretense, and withholding. The title is Realville, How to Get Real in an Unreal World. It can be pre-ordered from Waldorf Publishing.
  3. I have a new book idea, Metaphorical Mind. Say It with Spark and Sizzle. The first agent I sent the idea to wants to see a proposal.
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